Our Specialisation

We are not jack of all trades, below are some of the areas that we are specialised in, which we able to contribute our knowledge and services.


You may or may not have ERP in place right now. However sometime you may just need some simpler and easier solution to streamline the business process. ERP are great, but the digital transformation implementation is about the people, not the system.

Field Service

From aircon repair, to goods delivery, or even handyman, jobs nowadays required more dynamic arrangement.With more than 15 years of experience in field service solution, we definitely can provide something useful on managing a field service team.


Retail is more than just a POS. It is sometime the way how to present your products or services effectively to your targeted customers, either within the shop or on the Internet. We are sure something creative and innovative can work out along the line.

Low Code

Focus on your business process, you will amazed how much thing you can do with low code, without having to invest big budget on programmers, or infrastructure. It is a service we provide, and hand over to your team to maintain in future.

Our Services

We provide CTO-as-a-Service, or Tech Lead-as-a-Service

Bottom line is, we work hand in hand either with you, or your very own CTO, and the technical team.

Our main aim is, to help on proposing the digital transformation solution, and working together toward a successful projects.

Forget about the terminology, sometime simple is good. We understand the pain points by talking to the key user.

The key is always the people, not the system.

We illustrate our service processes into 4-steps.


Kickstart the discussion, and meet the key users


Identify the pain points, and propose a solution


Implementation can be with your IT team, or with our very own team.


Handover to your team, to ensure business continuity.

Why We Are Different



All the processes start from listening. We are not only listen to management’s vision, but also listen to the key users’ very own issues and unique processes.



We don’t jump into conclusion easily, and we don’t sell the service, or idea that you don’t need. We are pragmatic, and we practice that for all our customers.



Throw away big words and terminology, when come to project implementation, the only concerning matters are cost and time. Hence, we have to get creative.


Problem Solving

We work with your team, or our very own team. At the end of day, we are here to solve your problems, and using digital solutions for business process improvement. That’s the ultimate goal.

Contact for consultation

Regardless your are in traditional business or modern venture, now you have some idea and ready to digitalise it to make your world better (or at least looks better), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We promise, coffee on us.

    If you can't find what you need...

    Maybe let’s just try the tools that we created for different objective, and different needs.



    No idea where to start? Let’s start with a small footstep instead. Start with a website, and an email account. Goatstudio is just the place for that.



    Swif is a Software-as-a-Service solution for your field service need. It apply to traditional field service industry such as handyman, cleaning service, or professional field service engineer.

    LowCode 101


    You have an IT team, but lack of developers. Why don’t just focus on Business Process instead. At LowCode 101, we don’t sell anything here, we just share the knowledge on how Low Code can help.


    {{ Work in Progress }}

    So you have an IT team, with a team of hard core programmers like us, do look at what we have to offer for some ready-made scripts, so you can spend more time with video game.